Achieving international accreditation from the American Association of Continuing Medical Education® signifies an organization’s commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest level of continuing medical education programs by the American Association of Continuing Medical Education® will be announcing different membership levels for individuals and institutions to better help them get more involved in different programs, on discounted rates. Some of these programs are the: American Association of Continuing Medical Education® journal for CME/CPD, the online CME portal by specialty, discounted registration fees at over 10,000 accredited conferences, workshops, and courses.

We invite you to visit this page regularly to get updates on the membership levels, as they become available, or email us at: membership (at) aacme (dot) org

We also accept suggestions from providers and prospects on new products and services that the we can provide. We look forward to welcoming you as a new member.

 International Standards. It also promotes medical and education curriculum validity; it improves Professional Development within your health care organization; it represents the highest quality of medical care an organization can reach; it distinguishes your organization from other organizations regionally and internationally; it demonstrates your organization’s commitment to excellence in medical education for your physicians and other health care professionals; it recognizes your organization’s compliance with American Association of Continuing Medical Education® international CME quality standards intended to help achieve the highest level of performance and continuous improvement.

From a public health perspective, American Association of Continuing Medical Education® Accreditation demonstrates your organization’s commitment to excellence in quality care for the patients, residents or individuals served.

Congratulations on your achievement. Your organization may want to publicize its attainment of regional and international accreditation and the Gold Seal of Accreditation™.

There are many ways to celebrate your accreditation. The following suggestions may be useful to you:

Send a news release to local media. (See sample releases)

  • Prominently display Gold-Seal of Accreditation™ decals at the main entrance into your facility. Additional Gold-Seal decals and other Gold-Seal materials may be purchased by contacting American Association of Continuing Medical Education® Resources Customer Service at: accreditation (at) aacme (dot) org or your designated Accreditation Coordinator.
  • Use the Gold Seal to promote your accreditation. Examples include print, billboard and television advertising, organization letterhead and stationery, business cards, patient information, educational materials and your website. For more information, please email our Communication Department at: communication (at) aacme (dot) org
  • Distribute copies of the explanatory brochure The American Association of Continuing Medical Education®: Assessing the Quality of Medical Education and Public Health to explain the significance of American Association of Continuing Medical Education® accreditation to current and prospective patients. To request copies, please email the Marketing Committee at: marketing (at) aacme (dot) org
  • Conduct a news conference. Invite local reporters to meet with your CEO, Medical Director, Quality Assurance/Improvement Director, Continuing Medical Education Committee, Continuing Professional Development Committee and other key staff members. This provides an excellent opportunity to explain voluntary accreditation and your ongoing commitment to quality continuing medical education and health care.
  • Notify your Ministry of Health, medical associations, national and international Faculties of Medicine and Specialty Societies whom you had and may have joint programs with, pharmaceutical companies, state or metropolitan provider association of which you are a member. Many of these associations publicize this information in their newsletters and website. This way, your organization gets more publicity.
  • Include information on the benefits of accreditation in your organization’s newsletters and in presentations to staff, board members and community groups.
  • Notify the benefit manager at insurance carriers and/or health plans whose clients use or might use your organization’s services.
  • Contact all of the organizations that you receive funding from. Most funding organizations feel more confident in awarding grants to organizations accredited by the American Association of Continuing Medical Education®, since it signifies the Organization’s commitment to comply with international standards.
  • Inform your faculty, students, visiting health care professionals, invited speakers and similar of your organization’s accreditation. Additionally, inform all current and future participants of your medical meetings and workshops that the activity is being accredited by the American Association of Continuing Medical Education® and meets the Accreditation Standards & Policies.
  • Demonstrate ongoing efforts to comply with American Association of Continuing Medical Education® International Standards & Policies that can provide additional positive publicity. For example, invite the news media to cover emergency drills. This is a highly visible and graphic story and usually generates positive media exposure.
  • Include accreditation information in your patient literature and on your organization’s website.
  • Display your Certificate of Accreditation Plaque in a prominent place in the organization.
  • Celebrate the accreditation award by sponsoring a “Quality Day” at your organization. Honor special staff that participate in CME activities and speakers.

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