Spot Accreditation:

Spot Accreditation is for organizations that provide a limited number of annual CME activities and wish to apply for a “per activity” accreditation.

In this category, organizations will be evaluated on the basis of being “non-providers”, but have accreditation-eligible CME activities.


If you need assistance in determining which accreditation type works better for your organization, please email Lisa at: l.griffith (at) aacme (dot) org

Type of activities that can be accredited by the American Association of Continuing Medical Education®.

These CME activities are eligible for consideration of CME accreditation by the American Association of Continuing Medical Education®:

  • Courses, conferences and similar CME activities planned by the organization applying for accreditation, that meet the Approved List of “Type of Accredited Organization”.

  • CME workshops or small group activities.

  • Seminar series, hospital grand-rounds (regularly scheduled activities), or similar recurring educational events held by the providers and their subsidiaries.

  • Activities of a larger scope, such as International Conferences, Specialty Society meetings and similar activities.

These CME activities are NOT eligible for consideration of CME accreditation:

  • CME activities that are not in medicine or healthcare are not eligible for accreditation, such as: Healthcare management, healthcare IT, healthcare/hospital architecture/design, life science, pharmaceutical education, OSHA courses, and related are ELIGIBLE for accreditation