Site Survey. This phase occurs after all documents have been received and verified by the Monitoring Committee against the organization’s  After the application has passed the Initial Review, the accreditation review team conducts an onsite review to verify compliance with the standards. During this review, performed by a team of physician surveyors and other health care professional surveyors (MD, RN, DDS, MPH, etc…), organization’s committees and staff are interviewed about the organization’s continuing medical education programs and staff is observed performing its duties. In addition, a major segment of commercial support programs that the organization has received is audited and analyzed against the American Association of Continuing Medical Education® policies and guidelines for commercial support. Education and quality management programs are reviewed in detail as well. During the onsite visit, our surveyors also share “CME practices updates” and provide other helpful guidance. Please keep in mind that since we receive over 200 applications per week, the Accreditation Review Committee (ARC) might choose not to schedule the surveyor’s onsite visit and instead decide to conduct a phone conference call, verify information and/or suggest an alternative effective method for complete this process, depending on the location of the organization. This process came into effect on April 1, 2002.