Complaints against an Accredited Provider

The American Association of Continuing Medical Education® follows a grievance procedure for investigating complaints about an accredited provider. Complaints may originate from health care professionals, providers, regulators, or the public. After an investigation of each complaint, which may or may not include an onsite visit, Accreditation Quality Auditing Committee (AQAC) may decide to approbate (Sanction) an accredited organization (see information regarding Procedures for Filing a Complaint). Sanctions may range from a letter of reprimand to revocation of accreditation, depending on the nature and frequency of the contravention. To download a copy of the CME Quality Incident Report form, please email us at: complaint (at) aacme (dot) org

Report a Complaint about a CME Accredited Provider

To file a complaint against an accredited provider, please email us at: complaint (at) aacme (dot) org