The American Association of Continuing Medical Education® is committed to educating providers in our Quality Assurance and Accreditation Standards, Policies and Procedures. In addition to providing education programs and presentations at major national and international medical conferences each year, we implements its own full-length educational sessions several times throughout the year, for the benefit of the accredited organizations.

Although change is an inherent part of its philosophy, our basic principles remain firmly intact. The American Association of Continuing Medical Education® intends to continue its tradition of using physicians, and other health care professionals who are actively involved in Continuing Health Care Professional Education and Development to conduct its accreditation surveys.

Since its founding, the American Association of Continuing Medical Education® has conducted thousands of accreditation surveys of all types of medical organizations, including: medical education companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical communication companies, medical schools, allied health care schools, not-for-profit medical foundations, medical publishing companies, single and multi-specialty group practices, healthcare delivery systems, specialty medical societies, voluntary health care association, and other medical institutions. 

The core standards developed and used by the American Association of Continuing Medical Education® during its accreditation process include: Quality Medical Education (QME), Governance, Administration, quality in the delivery of medical education programs, Quality Management & Improvement, Professional Improvement, as the lead standard of our Accreditation.

The American Association of Continuing Medical Education® Accreditation Handbook, the “Quality and Methods of the Delivery of CME Program Standard” sets the tone for all remaining standards. This standard underscores the very essence of the accreditation process, which is to determine that the American Association of Continuing Medical Education® providers are positively addressing essential elements in learning methods to ensure that its maximum benefits is reached by the physicians, and other healthcare professionals, and that the learned clinicians and health care professionals have adopted a newer method in medical diagnosis and treatment.

Throughout our standards, issues related to aspects of quality assurance, quality measurement and the organizations continuous compliance with the Association’s Accreditation Standards and Policies, including any amended policies, are appropriately addresses in this handbook.


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