Once the Accreditation Review Committee (ARC) takes the final decision of accrediting an organization, the Committee for Review & Recognition (CRR) awards the accredited organization’s “Certificate of Accreditation”, verifying its compliance with the American Association of Continuing Medical Education® standards for continuing medical education, and the compliance with the Category I of the American Association of Continuing Medical Education® Designation.

The award is presented as a certificate to be displayed and viewed by the public in the organization.

Certificate comes in a prestigiously engraved text on a gold-plate, affixed on mahogany wooden plaque, and includes the term of the award which is based on the actual date the provider has received accreditation.

Each accredited site (or department), within the organization, is given its own certificate. Additional copies of the accreditation certificates may also be obtained at any given time, as long as the organization’s accreditation status is maintained satisfactory on the time of the order.

To purchase more, please email the Committee for Review & Recognition at: CRR (at) aacme (dot) org.

The American Association of Continuing Medical Education® certificate is deemed to be “owned” by the American Association of Continuing Medical Education® and will be withdrawn should an accredited organization fail to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Accreditation, govern by our  Standards & Policies. Presentation of the certificate by a member of the Accreditation Review Committee or our surveyor will be made to any agency receiving a first-time accreditation award.


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