The American Association of Continuing Medical Education® accreditation has more advantages than can be listed. The following are some of the advantages that organizations around the world can benefit from (but not limited to).

The American Association of Continuing Medical Education® accreditation:

  • Promotes medical and educational curriculum validity.

  • Improves Professional Development within the health care organization and the community; regionally, and internationally.

  • Assists institutions in identifying their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities through an informed review process.

  • Identifies internal areas of planning and resource allocation within the continuing professional education.

  • Initiates institutions into innovative and modern Medical Education methods of pedagogy.

  • Gives institutions a new sense of direction and identity.

  • Provides the health care organization with reliable information on quality of medical education

  • Promotes intra and inter-institutional

  • Demonstrates the organization’s commitment to excellence in medical education for their physicians and other health care professionals.

  • Recognizes the organization’s compliance with international CME quality standards intended to help achieve the highest level of performance and continuous improvement.

  • Demonstrates interest, determination and commitment to self-improvement.

  • Elevates the organization in stature as the number of  international accredited organizations grows.

  • Facilitates continuous Quality Improvement.

  • Strengthens patient confidence and demonstrates the organization’s commitment to excellence in quality care for the patients, residents or individuals served.

  • Demonstrates accountability to international, regional, and domestic funding agencies and to the public.

  • Demonstrates the institution’s commitment to excellence.

  • Strengthens consumer confidence.

  • Improves staff morale.

  • Recognizes the achievements/innovations of the agency.

  • Facilitates information sharing within the agency and with other public health agencies.

  • Assists agencies in addressing changes in continuing medical education teaching methods.