Initial Review. After the Application for Site-Survey has been granted by the Accreditation Review Committee (ARC), the organization must complete a copy of the American Association of Continuing Medical Education® Application for Initial Accreditation, which also requires that the organization includes supporting documents that show their eligibility for accreditation.

The organization’s documentation is analyzed in relation to the American Association of Continuing Medical Education® standards by a committee that consists of 4 physicians and 2 policy makers within the Accreditation Review Committee (ARC). The applicant’s documentation usually consists of, but is not limited to, previous or current continuing medical education programs, request(s) of commercial support proposals, previous or current grant proposals, formal policies and procedures, organizational charts, position descriptions, contracts, sample template letters, and continuing medical education program descriptions and plans for departments such as quality management and credentialing. After receiving an initial review summary, the applicant might be asked to provide additional documentation clarifying any pending issues.