The American Association of Continuing Medical Education® accreditation process assesses the quality and adequacy of CME contents, management, and delivery of continuing medical education programs to doctors and other healthcare professionals through qualified organizations that have experience planning CME educational activities, through our internationally recognized standards for continuing medical education and professional development, hence increasing perspicuity for the physicians and other health care professionals, medical authorities (regulators), accredited providers and the public.

By incorporating our Accreditation Standards and Policy criteria, health care organizations can ensure their physicians and other health care professionals’ maximum knowledge benefit in the ever changing latest medical diagnosis and procedures, through rigorously accredited continuing medical education programs (including enduring materials) by the American Association of Continuing Medical Education®.

Organizations applying for accreditation participate in a process that entails a rigorous review occurring in five phases. The initial phase is “Completing the Application for Survey” form, which consists of completing request for onsite survey application forms.

Once the decision by the Accreditation Review Committee (ARC) to conduct a site survey at the organization’s site, then following step is to Complete the “Initial Application for Accreditation” form, and supplying supporting documentation, which usually takes anywhere from 6 weeks to several months. Once the application and base fee are received by us, the remaining three phases of the accreditation process cover a period of approximately 4 weeks to six months, depending on the location of the organization applying for accreditation.