The American Association of Continuing Medical Education

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The American Association of Continuing Medical Education® is the world’s largest accreditation organization for Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Professional Development, providing education & clinical, research information; advocating for the public, patients, and members; promoting research; and recognizing excellence in the field.
We cater to physicians (CME), dentists (CDE), pharmacists (CPE), nurses (CNE) and all other allied health professionals (CPD), with approximately 225,000 members, including more than 15,000 medical students, 17,000 health care organizations, including; Medical Schools & Health Sciences School, Hospitals, Medical Research Institutions, Medical Communications Companies, Consortium/Alliance, Ministries of Health, Specialty Medical Societies, Medical Associations, Voluntary Health Associations, Non-for Profit Foundations, Governments of Military (Medical), Medical Publishing Companies, Health Care Delivery Systems, Insurance Companies/Managed Health Care, Physicians Member Organizations (Specialty Based), Physicians Member Organizations (Non-Specialty Based), Pharmaceutical Companies, and Medical Device Companies.


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